10 of the Coolest Tech Gadgets For 2022

Worlds Smartest Facemask

As one of the first Managed Service Providers in the Twin Cities, it’s not surprising that cool tech gadgets would be a popular subject for us here at Imagine IT.

When it comes to tech gadgets, the coolest ones always knock our socks off. It’s simply amazing what they come up with every year. You’ll find yourself wishing you had them, even though you absolutely don’t need them.

Here at Imagine IT, we pride ourselves in supporting our partners with everything technology. But that means dealing with IT support, business technology issues, and cyber security protections.  Of course, all critical… and we love it!

But today we are going to have some fun.

We researched hundreds of tech gadgets and picked 10!

And don’t blame us when you buy your first solar-powered WiFi-connected bottle opener!  I just made that up … but it probably does exist!

Our top 10 tech gadgets for 2022

1. Amazon Astro Household Robot

We learned in the Spy article: 35 of the coolest gadgets that Amazon announces a trio of new household robots. And although they are not easy to get your hands on, we had to share this one with you.

This robot is an anthropomorphized (no idea what that means?) household assistant that can move freely around your home to keep an eye on things. You can use it for security or as a pet … your choice!

The Astro Robot on Amazon


2. Beats Fit Pro

If you take one of Apples Beats studio buds and affix wingtips and many of the AirPod’s special features, you end up with one of Apple’s best workout headphones.

They offer flexible, secure-fit wingtips, spatial audio with head tracking, two listening modes, and up to 6 hours of listening time.

Beat Fit Pro on Amazon


3. HidrateSpark Tap Smart Water Bottle

This cool water bottle glows to remind you to drink 12 times throughout the day and comes in multip colors. It also syncs so you can record your hydration.  And help you create a personalized hydration goal. Drinking water has never been so cool!

The HydrateSpark Tap on Amazon


4. The Ridge RFID Wallet (Carbon Fiber 3K)

The Ridge is well known for minimalistic wallets, but this one is so cool because it blocks radio frequency identification signals (RFID), making it hard for hackers to get to your credit cards. Unfortunately, hackers have created devices that can swipe the data from your cards when it’s sitting in your back pocket.




5. Alexa Smart Plug

This may seem simple compared to the other gadgets, but don’t miss this one. This little smart wall plug is a heck of a buy for $24.  If you are traveling and can’t remember if you left something running.  If it’s plugged into this, you can simply open your Alexa app and cut the power.  Pretty cool!


Alexa Smart Plug


6. 12″ Phone Screen Magnifier

We all tend to spend hours of our day staring at our phones. That screen magnifier gadget can be such a help and an awesome gift.  No more time crouched over a little screen. Just sit back in comfort and watch your favorite superhero.

Smartphone Screen Magnifier


7. The WOW Floatable Speaker


This portable speaker is waterproof, so it can come along on any outdoor adventure.

This speaker is 100% floatable, so you can take it in the pool or out on the open water. It also connects to your phone via Bluetooth.



8. The World’s Smartest Face Mask (Razer)

Covid-19 protection is now the new normal. But take it to the next level with a smart face mask.  Razer offers an intelligent mask with reusable filters. In addition, the mask includes a wireless charging case with an ultraviolet sterilization system built into it and a built-in microphone and speaker system.

The Razer Smart Face Mask


9. Smart Tire

The SMART company has invented a smart bike tire that will never go flat. It uses advanced lightweight materials called NiTinol+ that help you maintain the tire shape without ever going flat. The company promises that one tire will last your bike its whole life, which may save money in the long term.

The Smart Tire



10. The Tesla Cyber Truc

Just a mere $39,900, The Tesla Cybertruck is an all elective, power-duty truck announced by Tesla Inc.  Three models have been announced, with EPA range estimates of 400–800 kilometers (250–500 mi) and an estimated 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) time of 2.9–6.5 seconds, depending on the model. But sorry, production has been slow, so the projected rollout isn’t until late 2022!

Tesla Cyber Truck


There you have it, the hottest tech gadgets for 2022.   We hope you enjoyed the list and found something in there that made you smile.  There are a million tech gadgets out there, and we can’t wait until next year to see what is next.

In the meantime, we hope you had a good year in 2021 and that 2022 takes yourself and your organization to the next level.

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