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Boost productivity, improve workflow, and streamline your operations with dedicated Microsoft 365 support from Imagine IT. 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we deliver a comprehensive suite of M365 solutions.


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What are your biggest challenges and
concerns with Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of applications designed
to streamline your business processes and boost productivity.

But are you truly harnessing
its full potential?

Are you dealing with any of these issues:

  • Underutilization
  • Lack of training
  • Unaware of updates
  • Inefficient processes

Are you getting the most out of the
Microsoft 365 Apps you already own?


Are you under-utilizing collaboration features, have insufficient training, and lack of ongoing support?


Do you have a clear plan with SharePoint? Are you overlooking training, and ignoring security and permissions?

Maximize M365 Efficiency

Let Imagine IT Managed M365 Services unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 for your organization

What Are Microsoft 365 Managed Services ?

Our Microsoft 365 Managed Service empowers your organization with a vast array of IT services and expert support.

Our IT professionals are dedicated to maximizing your benefits from Microsoft 365. Let’s explore some significant advantages of partnering with us.

Microsoft 365 Managed Service Benefits

Our Microsoft 365 Managed Service empowers your organization with a vast array of IT services and expert support.

Our professionals are dedicated to maximizing your benefits from Microsoft 365.

Let's explore the benefits of partnering with Imagine IT:

Visibility Across all of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has developed a full ecosystem of services, but one look at the full scope of Microsoft services will leave many teams overwhelmed. With Managed Services, your team has access to subject matter experts who can help identify business needs and modify your service selection so you’re using only what you need.

Improved Productivity and Efficient Operations

At the heart of Microsoft 365 managed services are productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Yet, it’s much more than that. You get collaboration hubs like Microsoft Teams and cloud storage solutions like OneDrive. With these tools in your arsenal, you’re not just working; you’re transforming how your business collaborates and shares information.

Lower IT Costs

Optimizing costs is a vital aspect of any business. In-house IT departments can be expensive. Microsoft 365 managed services are a cost-effective solution that provides significant value. These services offer a high return on investment by bundling essential services, eliminating the need for multiple tools, and reducing IT maintenance costs.

Seamless Collaboration

With tools like Microsoft Teams, you can connect, communicate, and collaborate no matter where you are. Experience real-time co-authoring on documents, centralized communication, and effortless file sharing with OneDrive. Say goodbye to barriers and hello to a new age of productivity.

Top-tier Security

Security is crucial in the digital world. With Microsoft 365 managed services, you’re safeguarded by comprehensive security measures. We monitor your systems 24/7, employ advanced threat protection, and ensure data loss prevention. So, rest assured, your business’s information is well-protected.

Improved Employee Experience

Finding and retaining talented employees is one of your organization’s most difficult challenges. Providing the right tools to help employees succeed in their positions is one of the bests ways to retain talented people.

Let’s Have A M365 Conversation

Partnering with Imagine IT allows you to scale your business in real-time, anytime you need to. A Managed Microsoft 365 Service Provider has the expertise to help you scale your resources and avoid challenges, keeping you focused on your core operations. In essence, Microsoft 365 managed services act as a growth partner for your business. They allow you to leverage state-of-the-art tools, ensure seamless operations, and provide support and security to keep you worry-free. It’s all about letting you focus on what truly matters: Your Business.

Imagine IT's

Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 is an incredibly powerful tool – not using many of the tools they already own.
Imagine IT helps organizations and local governments to implement and deploy solutions in a way that works for their organization.

Proven Co-Managed IT Solutions - Imagine IT - Bloomington, MN

Set-up & Migration

This includes helping businesses transition to Microsoft 365 from their current systems. It encompasses data migration, system integration, and setting up the platform in line with the business’s needs.

Microsoft-Certified IT Services Provider - Imagine IT - Bloomington, MN

Management & Maintenance

Imagine IT administers the Microsoft 365 platform, perform routine system updates, manage user accounts, and ensure that all applications are working optimally.

Trusted IT Support Partner - Imagine IT - Bloomington, MN

Security & Compliance

This includes implementing advanced security measures, such as threat detection, data loss prevention, and encryption. Ensures that you meet industry-specific regulatory compliance requirements.

Innovative Digital Transformation Strategies - Imagine IT - Bloomington, MN

Training & Consultation

Imagine IT offers training and consultation services. This can help users understand how to effectively utilize the suite of tools available to them.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services - Imagine IT - Bloomington, MN

Better Collaboration

Microsoft 365 is built to support collaboration. Your team can collaborate on, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Host online meetings and connect in Teams.

Tailored Cybersecurity Services for Businesses - Imagine IT - Bloomington, MN

License Management

This service involves managing the Microsoft 365 licenses. It ensures that all licenses are up to date, and you are using the most cost-effective licensing plan.

Explore the Microsoft 365 Collaboration and Productivity Tools

Microsoft 365 stands unparalleled as the most comprehensive and secure cloud productivity and collaboration suite available today. Imagine IT brings together integrated tools like Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, paired with Microsoft 365 Business Voice and inherent security features. This ensures that your workforce can collaborate across the organization securely and efficiently from any location and on any device.

Explore more about these commonly used Microsoft 365 apps below:


Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services, including computing, analytics, storage, and networking. Users can choose from these services to develop and scale new applications or run existing applications in the public cloud. 

Imagine IT leverages Azure to help your business achieve flexibility, scalability, and reliability. 

Our Azure solutions are designed to support your IT infrastructure, enhance data security, and streamline operations, enabling your organization to innovate faster and more efficiently. 

With Imagine IT’s expertise, transitioning to the cloud or optimizing your existing Azure setup becomes seamless, ensuring your business is always ahead of the technology curve.

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for creating intranets, enabling organizations to create a centralized, secure space for document storage, collaboration, and information sharing across any device. 

Imagine IT enhances SharePoint deployment by integrating customized solutions for content management, knowledge sharing, and application management. Our approach empowers your team to enhance teamwork, find information rapidly, and collaborate effortlessly, regardless of location. 

By leveraging Imagine IT’s SharePoint services, your organization can streamline workflows, improve productivity, and ensure information governance, making collaboration more efficient and effective.

Microsoft OneDrive provides a secure and efficient platform for your employees to access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere, using any device. 

Imagine IT takes OneDrive implementation further by ensuring your organization benefits from advanced security features and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 apps. 

Our services enhance file collaboration within your teams and with external consultants, maintaining a high level of data protection and compliance. With Imagine IT’s OneDrive solutions, your organization can foster a collaborative environment that supports mobility and productivity without compromising security.

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool, enabling real-time communication through chat, voice, and video meetings. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 applications, bringing together everything your team needs: files, tools, and communication channels in a single platform. 

Imagine IT specializes in deploying and optimizing Microsoft Teams for businesses, ensuring your workforce stays connected and productive, whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the move. Our Microsoft Teams solutions are designed to streamline communication, enhance project management, and improve collaboration across your organization, making teamwork more dynamic and results-driven.

Microsoft Office remains the cornerstone of productivity for businesses around the world, offering essential tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Imagine IT enhances your Microsoft Office experience by providing comprehensive support, training, and customization services. 

Our expertise ensures your team fully leverages Office applications to their maximum potential, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Whether it’s crafting compelling presentations, managing complex data, or maintaining seamless communication, Imagine IT’s Microsoft Office solutions empower your workforce with the tools they need to succeed.

Microsoft CoPilot represents the future of work, integrating cutting-edge AI capabilities across Microsoft 365 apps to automate and enhance tasks, from generating content in Word to analyzing trends in Excel. 

Imagine IT embraces CoPilot to transform how your business operates, enabling more efficient workflows, creative solutions, and data-driven decisions. Our CoPilot services help you unlock new levels of productivity and innovation, ensuring your organization stays at the forefront of technological advancements. 

With Imagine IT and Microsoft CoPilot, your team can achieve more in less time, leveraging AI to drive success.

IT Support Services in Bloomington, MN - Imagine IT

Microsoft 365 Support - How does it work at Imagine IT?

Our Managed Services encompass support for Microsoft 365, tailored to your company’s unique needs. Through our in-depth discovery process, we gain insights into your challenges, operational goals, and the requirements of your organization.

This understanding then shapes our strategy as we implement and deploy Microsoft 365 in a manner that best aligns with your specific needs.

Here’s how it works:


Reach Out to Us

Whenever you encounter a challenge with your Microsoft 365 suite, reach out to us via phone, email, or our dedicated support portal.


Support Ticket Generation

Upon receiving your request, our system automatically creates a support ticket. This ticket helps us track your request, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves. You’ll receive a confirmation with your ticket number for reference.


Assessment and Triage

Next, our experienced technicians review the ticket, assess the issue, and prioritize the response based on its urgency and impact. We make sure that critical issues get immediate attention.


Issue Resolution

Our Microsoft-certified experts then work on resolving your issue. Whether it’s a simple query about using a tool or a complex technical problem, we have the expertise to provide a solution. We will keep you updated about the progress until your issue is resolved.


Follow-Up and Feedback

Even after resolving the issue, our job isn’t over. We follow up with you to ensure that everything is working as expected and to gather your feedback. This helps us continuously improve our support process.

Imagine IT’s support for Microsoft 365 isn’t just about solving problems. We’re also here to help you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 suite, from conducting regular performance checks to providing training and consultations
Our goal is to help you boost productivity and collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365.

Imagine IT is A Microsoft Gold Partner

What does that mean?

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner is a significant recognition that Microsoft grants to its business partners.
It’s the highest level of Microsoft’s partnership program and indicates that the partner company has demonstrated high competency and expertise with Microsoft technologies.

Here’s what being a Microsoft Gold Partner entails:

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