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Imagine IT Garden City KS – A Managed Service Provider In Garden City, Specializing in Managed IT Services Including IT Support, Cyber Security, and Digital Transformation.

Are you searching for a technology partner in Garden City, Kansas, or the surrounding areas?

Imagine IT offers customer-friendly IT support and a fully layered cybersecurity solution designed to meet the requirements of every organization we work with. We also provide digital and business-technology consultation to help take your organization to the next level.

Over the past 25 years, Imagine IT has been a trusted IT provider and advisor for small to mid-sized organizations in almost every industry.

Managed IT Services In Garden City, Kansas

Technology is most useful when it brings people together.

Why choose Imagine IT For Managed IT Services In Garden City, KS?

Today’s world of rapidly changing technology creates critical and risky business challenges for every organization.

At Imagine IT, we make things simpler. Our technicians provide complete IT Support, cyber security protections, and digital and business transformation services for your company.

We help align technology with your company’s mission.

Our next-gen IT support begins with a strategy that focuses on customer expectations, boosts sales and profits, draws and retains top talent, handles your remote workforce, and helps you achieve your goals.

Your mission is our starting point

We dig deep into your company’s goals and find technical solutions to match your vision.

Our experience and focus on technology and strategies give us a distinctive perspective that other providers may not offer in Garden City, KS.

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The industries Imagine IT specializes in Garden City, Kansas

We work and advise about every industry, working with organizations ranging from small to mid-sized, but here is a list of sectors that we specialize in.

Managed IT Services in Garden City, KS By Imagine IT

As your organization becomes dependent on new technologies, it is evident that your success is dependent on it. At the same time, the IT Provider that manages and protects your technology is just as important as the people who handle it.

Your organization needs access to quick-response technology support, strategic IT expertise, and a fully layered cybersecurity solution.

Technology is what revolves around opportunities and risks.

Imagine IT has been a trusted partner for organizations across several industries since 1996 your business gets the insights and skills it needs to fully leverage technology and ultimately attain your organization’s goals.

At Imagine IT, we act as a local Managed Services Provider (MSP), helping you grow your internal IT team and technologies by offering skills and expertise that your in-house team may not have or may be struggling with.

By monitoring your system and actively supporting your IT environment, your business gets the insights and skills it needs to leverage technology and achieve your organization’s dreams.

Extraordinarily responsive and cordial service desk

Tech people seem to speak a language of their own. And IT support can be frustrating if these technology experts aren’t good at explaining themselves, or worse, talking down to you.

Our professionals understand that technology can be tricky sometimes, and their job is to talk to you in simple and plain English so you can clearly understand the problem and the solution.

Important decisions begin with solid strategic advice.

We all know how IT support can go wrong–we, too, have experienced that in our early days.

That is the only reason we have reimagined the IT process to ensure that we can align your company with the proper strategy to help you take advantage of the technologies, so your team is continuously operating at peak performance.

Strategic Technology Road-Mapping

With Imagine IT, you can anticipate technology solutions that operate essential business objectives. Our partnership will help you increase revenues, build more profitable client relationships and experience, and create metrics to calculate the ROI of your technology investments.

We believe IT support is not enough. It would help if you worked on transforming your company by utilizing the four pillars of digital transformation: business strategy, leadership, innovation strategy, and technology. 

Managed Cyber Sercurity Services In Garden City, KS

Unfortunately, today every company is continuously under threat of cyberattacks from all different directions. No matter your business size, you are fully exposed to hackers.

Apart from losing your valuable customers and getting your operations to a standstill, a security breach could involve compliance issues, financial penalties, or even property loss.

As it poses a significant threat to business, protecting your company against cyberattacks with fully-covered cybersecurity is necessary.

Cyber-threats include:

Four primary truths regarding cyber security

1. You/Your organizations are a top mark for cyber-attacks.

2. The hackers have grown radically.

3. Most breaches are hidden, unseen, and additionally harmful.

4. Most cyber solutions for small-sized organizations leave you helpless and confused.

Imagine IT Looks at Cyber Security Differently.

We believe there needs to be a considerable change in cyber security for small to mid-sized organizations. The “wish list” method does not work.

In case your company’s IT department identifies 13-15 vulnerabilities but only handles the top five and consigns the rest to a wish list; you must seriously relook into the matter.

After all, if you were in a sinking boat with 13 holes, you wouldn’t stuff just five of them. Eventually, the ship will sink but maybe a little slower. To save the ship, you must plug all 13 holes at once.

At Imagine IT, we firmly believe all your cyber security susceptibility needs to be identified and handled, giving your organization complete security.

Digital and Business Transformation Services in Garden City, KS

At Imagine IT, we help you identify and deploy upcoming digital technologies that will increase profits, boost productivity, and, most importantly, improve and enhance customer experience.

The term digital transformation is often overused and misunderstood. Therefore we look at it differently.

To transform your company digitally, you need to measure and track the ROI of your IT and technology solutions. Technology is something that will not change your business on its own.

At Imagine IT, Every Technology has a Business Transformation Component

Our business transformation resolutions include the following:

Our keen focus and knowledge of your outcomes give us a perspective most IT providers may not have

When vetting any Managed IT Services in Garden City, KS, what are the most vital queries to ask?

The answer you usually get to hear is” yes.” But most often, you have to wait for the technician to become available, and you may require urgent help. So the real answer is “no” in most circumstances. 

Ideally, you want your request to start with Tier 1’s first available technician, and if not solved even after 30 minutes, it needs to escalate to the next service level rapidly.

Slow response time is the most common complaint registered. Due to several reasons including ticket tracking and staff levels, most IT support companies don’t address these issues and complaints promptly.
At Imagine IT, we take care to reply promptly to all client issues and queries. We call our system DEFCON, so ask them what theirs is called and how they manage it!

IT support can no longer be trusted on a break/fix model as technology becomes more critical for your operations. Instead, work with a company that will identify the problems before they become a problem for you.

Choosing a provider that offers onsite and remote support services is essential. While most issues can be fixed remotely, speaking in person is immensely satisfying. Often, technicians discover issues or ask queries they wouldn’t have called in, helping prevent additional problems.

Most IT providers you will come across will not have an all-inclusive plan to offer you. Instead, they will have multiple security deployments to recommend for extra charges. Or they might use the” wish list” method for cyber security, where they identify the top 10 vulnerabilities and then only address the first 3—placing the rest on a wish list, which is unacceptable!

Most IT companies say they provide a premium backup solution, identify weak areas, and then build a roadmap with many network modifications. Unfortunately, these answers are not what you are looking for. 

You want a provider to perform an annual exercise to identify every downtime risk point and lay out a plan and costs to fix any weak areas.

Managed Service Providers and IT support are accountable for monitoring your IT and technology setting. You want a provider that installs a monitoring system that collects and evaluates the performance of your network 24*7 and 365 days. The MSP can only fix the problem before it escalates if the system is proactive.

You will generally hear that we do not follow a standard, but our security analyst has been certified… However, that answer is insufficient. Look for an IT provider that follows the NIST v.1.1 procedures, the benchmark of cybersecurity frameworks.

All businesses want to make money. But one of the schemes some IT providers use is to offer a small monthly fee and then upsell you on project after project, which will often be more expensive than your yearly fees. So you need to understand what their service offers and how many aspects it covers. 

Many IT providers will say you need to stay until your contract expires. Then they will initiate removing the tools and provide the new MSP with passwords and settings.

The most reputable Managed Service Providers will only need a notice of 30 days before you leave. Then they will give you clear offboarding steps along with the settings and passwords for your new MSP and remove their tools as per the date scheduled.

IT providers will tell you that “we eat the upfront discovery and onboarding costs and therefore need a commitment from you to earn them back” to get a long-term contract from you.

The answer may initially seem reasonable to you. But it is just a sales tactic that does not allow the MSP to perform well. They may also say, “We both need skin in the game as this is a partnership.”

Don’t buy this answer, even if it seems genuine to you. It is just another way to lock you in a long-term contract. Most of the renowned MSPs in the Twin Cities will not need long-term contracts; as they know that their experience and service will keep the relationship going.

This question will make the advanced Managed Service Providers stand out from the rest. Digital transformation is happening in almost every industry, and technology is something that touches every part of your company. Therefore, it is essential to have a Managed IT Service provider that can assist you in setting up metrics to measure the return on investment of your technology choices.

You’ll see that various MSPs don’t have a Co-Managed solution program. But they will tell you that “we work with firms with an IT staff.” So try to look for providers with a registered Co-Managed program that offers metrics to measure the ROI and is highly customizable.

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