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We are a highly experienced local MSP offering Managed IT Services including cyber-security solutions and next-gen IT support for organizations and businesses in Wichita, Kansas.

Imagine IT Wichita KS, is a Managed Service Provider specializing in IT support, Cyber Security Solutions, and Digital Transformation.

Are you looking for a potential technology partner in Wichita, Kansas, or the neighboring areas? 

Imagine IT partners with small to mid-sized organizations offering customer-friendly IT support and a fully-layered cyber security solution. We also provide you with digital and business-technology consulting that can take your organization to the next level.

For more than 25 years, Imagine IT has been a reliable and trusted IT provider and consultant for organizations across industries.

Managed IT Services In Wichita KS By Imagine IT

People and business first, technology next

Why Choose Imagine IT for managed it services in wichita, kansas?

Today’s technology is rapidly transforming, creating critical business challenges for organizations of every size.

At Imagine IT, we try to simplify things for you. Our professionals provide complete IT Support, cyber security solutions, and digital and business transformation services for you.

We aim to align your company’s mission with your technology.

Our next-gen IT support starts with a strategy focusing on customer expectations to increase sales and profits. We attract and retain top talent to manage your remote workforce and help you reach your goals.

Your mission is where we start from.

At Imagine IT, we dig deep into your company’s goals and industry to find technology-related solutions that match your vision.

We focus on technology strategies, and our experience gives us a perspective that others in Wichita, KS, cannot provide.

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The industries Imagine IT specializes in Wichita

Even though we work and advise about every industry, working with organizations that range from small to mid-sized, the following is the list of the industries that we specialize in.

Managed it services in wichita, ks

As your organization becomes dependent on new technologies, it is evident that your success lies in technology. Therefore, the IT Provider that manages and protects it is crucial for your business.

Your organization further needs access to quick-response technology support, strategic IT expertise, and a fully layered cybersecurity solution.

Opportunity and risk are what make technology.

Established in 1996, Imagine IT has become a trusted partner for organizations in every industry.

As a trusted local Managed Services Provider (MSP), our work is to handle your technologies and IT team by offering expertise and skills to your in-house staff to resolve issues that they may be struggling with. 

We actively support your IT environment and monitor your system, so your business gets the perception and skills required to fully leverage technology and eventually achieve your organization’s goals.

Imagine IT has a well-responsive and friendly service desk.

IT support can be a little overwhelming if the technology specialists are not good at explaining themselves.

Our people understand technology well, and their job is to explain it to you in plain English to understand the problem and then offer a solution promptly.

Solid strategic guidance is the key to essential decisions.

We know how IT support can go wrong and have experienced it ourselves in our initial days. 

We have revised the IT process to ensure we align well. Your team is constantly operating at peak performance with the appropriate strategy to help you take advantage of your technology. 

Road-Mapping: The strategic technology

Technology solutions drive essential business objectives. Your partnership with Imagine IT will help you to increase revenues, build better customer experiences and relationships, and create metrics that can measure the ROI of your technology investments. 

IT support is not enough. It is better to work on transforming your company using the four main pillars of digital transformation, i.e., business strategy, innovation strategy, leadership, and technology.  

Managed Cyber Security in wichita, ks

Unfortunately, every business today is constantly threatened by cyberattacks. You are completely exposed to hackers, no matter your company size.

Not only do you stand to lose your valuable customers and bring your operations to a halt, but a security breach can also include a violation of compliance issues, financial damages, or even entail a loss of property.

As a significant threat to business, protection against cyberattacks with fully-covered cybersecurity is a must.

These cyber-threats include:

The four significant truths about cyber security

1. The hackers have radically evolved

2. You are a top target for cyber-attacks 

3. Most cyber solutions for small organizations leave you vulnerable.

4. Most breaches are unseen, hidden, and more dangerous

Take a look at cyber security differently.

A significant transformation is required in cyber security for organizations of different sizes. The “wish list” technique does not work.

If your IT company addresses only the top 5 vulnerabilities while identifying 13-15 breaches and puts the remaining on a wish list for later, you need to consider the matter seriously.

Imagine if you were in a boat with 13 holes. If you plug only five of them, the ship will sink, but just a little slower. To truly save the ship from sinking, you need to plug all 13 holes at the same time. 

At Imagine IT, we firmly believe your organization needs total protection from cyber attacks by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. 

Digital and Business Transformation Services in Wichita, KS

At Imagine IT, we increase your profits, boost productivity, and, most importantly, enhance your customer experience by helping you identify emerging digital technologies. 

Imagine IT looks at digital transformation differently, as that term is slightly misunderstood and overused.

Technology cannot transform your business on its own. To digitally transform, you need to track and measure the ROI of your IT and technology and upgrade them continuously. 

At Imagine IT, all technology consists of Business Transformation component

The business transformation solutions contain:

Imagine IT focuses on your results, offering a perspective most IT providers are unable to.

What are the essential questions when getting managed IT services in Wichita, KS?

Most companies complain about the slow response time when it comes to getting their queries resolved from their MSP. There are several reasons for this, which includes staff levels and tracking tickets. And most IT support companies don’t handle them well. However, at Imagine IT,  we have a special DEFCON system dedicated to resolving all client queries promptly. When you talk to other IT companies, ask them what their system is called and how they manage it!

Usually, the answer you’ll hear is” yes.” But many times, you need to wait for that operator to become available, while your issue may be urgent. Therefore, the most suitable answer is “no” in most cases. Because you want your service requests to begin with the first available Tier 1 operator, and if not resolved after 30 minutes, it needs to escalate to the next service level quickly.

This is crucial when choosing a provider that offers remote and onsite support. While most problems should be solved remotely, speaking in person is more valuable. Often, technicians discover issues or ask questions they would not have called in, helping prevent additional problems.

Technology becomes more crucial for your operation, so IT support can no longer delegate on a break/fix service. Instead, try to work with a company that will catch and resolve issues before they become a problem for you.

The usual answer is, “We offer you a premium backup solution,” or ” our team identifies vulnerable areas, then creates a roadmap with many network improvements.” Unfortunately, none of these answers are adequate. You are searching for a provider to conduct an annual exercise to identify EVERY downtime risk point and lay out a plan and costs to fix any weak areas.

Most IT providers will not have bundles to offer you. Instead, they will have various security deployments they can suggest and charge extra. Or perhaps they will use the usual “wish list” technique for cyber security, where they identify the top vulnerabilities and then only address a few while putting the rest on a save-for-later mode, which is not good!

Generally, you will hear that we do not follow a standard, but our security professionals are certified. This answer is not enough. You are looking for an IT provider who follows the guidelines of NIST v.1.1, i.e., the gold standard of cybersecurity frameworks.

IT support and Managed Service Providers are liable for monitoring your IT and technology domain. Therefore, you want a provider that can install a 24/7 and 365 days monitoring system that gathers and evaluates the performance of your network. This system should be proactive so the MSP can fix the issues before they escalate. 

All businesses are conscious of the cost of services. But the trick that some IT providers use is to offer a minimum monthly charge and then upsell you on projects one by one, which is often more than your yearly fees. So you need to know exactly what their service packages include and which services are not covered. 

IT providers who want long-term contracts will inform you, “We eat the upfront discovery and onboarding charges and therefore require an affirmation from you to earn them back.” Although the answer may seem reasonable to you, it is just a sales tactic that they use and does not increase the MSP performance. They might also say, “This is a partnership; we both need skin in the game.”

This also might seem like a reasonable answer, but try not to buy it. It is just another way to lock you in a long-term agreement. Mainly the top MSPs in the Twin Cities will not demand long-term contracts, as they understand their assistance and experience are what keep the relationship going.

Many providers will say you need to wait until your contract expires. Then they will initiate the process to remove our tools and provide the new MSP with settings and passwords.

Many providers say you will have to wait until your contract expires. Then they will remove the tools and provide the new MSP with the required settings and passwords.

The most reputed Managed Service Providers will only require 30 days’ notice when you are willing to leave. And they will also give you clear offboarding steps and provide you and your new MSP with all the settings and passwords, and schedule a deadline to remove their tools.

You will generally find that most of the MSPs don’t have a Co-Managed program. But they will tell you, “We work with companies with an IT staff.” So you need to look for providers who will provide you with a written Co-Managed program that is not only highly customizable but also offers metrics to measure the ROI of that engagement.

This question has the ability to separate the advanced Managed Service Providers from the rest of the providers. Technology can touch every part of your company, and a digital transformation occurs in almost every industry. Therefore, it is vital to have a Managed IT Service provider that can help you set up metrics to calculate the return on investment of every technology choice.

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