You Can’t Defend Against Threats
You Don’t Believe Exist

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10 MIN READ Facebook-f Linkedin-in The #1 most dangerous aspect of cybersecurity that pretty much everyone misses There is a lot of hype about cybersecurity, and a ton of fear-driven information is out there.  It can be easy to tune it out.  But you shouldn’t. Cyber-security is not just a technological issue; it’s a matter […]

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Are there Cyber Security Concerns for Us?

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Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and the innocent Russian people who do not support the senseless violence that this invasion is inflicting.  And although we hope for a quick return to peace in Ukraine, there is already damage done that will take decades to repair. Once there is peace, there will be […]

Zoom Fatigue

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Zoom Fatigue   How to make video meetings easier At the end of a long day of back-to-back Zoom calls, how do you feel?.  As you leave the meeting and hang up your headphones, do you feel a big sigh of relief? Do you have a headache, is your back or neck stiff? How about […]

Hiring Great People

Hiring The Right People

“Hello world – seeking fabulous team members!” Does this ring true for you, like it does for us here at Imagine IT? Hiring great people is a key, and continual, process for us. We are always up for a conversation with people who are looking for their next career assignment or who are just plain curious […]

12 Brilliant Email Hacks to Improve Your Life

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It probably won’t surprise you that people average over 5 hours a day responding to emails.  According to Adobe, Americans spend over 6.5 hours a day sending and responding to emails.  That turns into a full-time job when people clock in over 40 hours a week glued to their inboxes. By applying a few personal […]

The State of Cyber Security Q4 2021


Our Co-Founder and Chief Security Officer at Imagine IT, Peter Durand has created The State of Cyber Security for the fourth quarter of 2021. Please review this quarterly security report and share with your entire team. Key Items included in this quarterly Cyber security report:  Who Initially defines the cybersecurity strategy? What YOU can do […]

IIT is Spreading the Warmth

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Imagine IT is collecting new/gently-used hats, mittens and scarves on behalf of a wonderful local non-profit organization Hats & Mittens!  We recently hosted a super fun event at our office where friends and family were invited to come and decorate cookies, drink hot cocoa and listen to fun storytimes with local author Nancy Carlson! If you’d […]

How do you handle anxiety and working from home?

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How is working from home affecting you? Our service manager, Jeremy, wrote this to the service team a couple of weeks ago describing some coping skills that have worked for him since his military days. We thought it relevant to share. I wanted to talk briefly about anxiety and working from home. I’ve had a […]


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