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Leveraging IT and technology to improve your customer experience, help maximize billable hours, be  cyber secure, and attract and retain top talent.

What does effective IT and technology look like for professional service firms?

Leveraging IT and technology to become a digital-first professional service organization is a continuous and non-stop process.

You want an IT partner who understands the professional service industry and has had 20+ years of supporting and guiding them.

Once you have that, you can …

Imagine IT is a strategy-driven Managed IT and Cyber Security Provider for the professional services industry

Next-gen IT support, cyber security, and business transformation for professional services

We have worked with professional services for over 25 years. 

Imagine IT has experience with CPAs, law firms, consulting services, HR companies, engineering firms, architects, doctors, financial planners, and veterinary practices.

Our services include:

Our experience and focus on professional service technology strategies give us unique expertise other IT providers may not offer

How to choose emerging technologies?

What is involved in your digital & business transformation

Becoming a digital-first professional service is no longer an option; it is the only way you will compete and survive.

Especially given the digital demands and expectations of your customers.

What factors should be considered when choosing the next technology tool?

Emerging technologies are changing the way professional service companies operate. For you to be successful and profitable, you need to be ready to meet customers and your industry’s increasing demand for digital solutions.

At Imagine IT, we believe it's business first and technology second

Technology strategies to help increase billable hours

Time is money; the name of the game for profitability is productivity

The IT and technology your organization uses to manage operations when implemented correctly, keeps your firm competitive, ahead of the curve, cyber-secure, and highly productive.

However, if your firm's IT is not properly managed, it can drain resources, time, and money

Top professional service firms recognize that technology is the key to increasing billable hours.

Your technology strategies should include:

IT and technology is only transformational if it works

How to keep up with digital demands and expectations of your customers?

Great customer experience is dependent on technology

Have you embraced the digital transformation occurring in the professional service industry? Unfortunately, a large percentage of small to mid-sized service firms are falling behind.

There is a legitimate reason to be concerned

Professional service firms are already suffering from fewer billable hours and a reduction in market share compared to those companies who have embraced a digitally-first philosophy.

How to meet customers' expectations?

Are your technology and IT system meeting customer demands and expectations?

Protecting your firm from Cyber threats

Professional firms are an easy target

New and emerging connected technologies offer professional service firms an incredible opportunity to scale their businesses.

However, it also brings new risks and challenges evident in today’s services landscape.

There is a false sense of security for small to mid-size organizations

A quick list of possible cyber threats includes:

Adding emerging and advanced technologies requires equally sophisticated cyber security solutions. Unfortunately, many professional services firms are unprotected.

Professional service firms need a fully-layered, enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution

Introducing: The Security Shield

An enterprise-level, fully layered cybersecurity solution

The Security Shield is a collection of next-gen security tools and processes.

The Security Shield Includes:

Designed around the Zero trust model of cyber security

Security Shield

Attracting and retaining top talent

Begins by adopting a digital-first culture

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed over several years, and professional service firms are not impervious to this challenge.

IT and technology can make a huge difference …

Embracing the right technology and IT partner will keep you one step ahead of the evolving and challenging labor market

Leveraging tech to manage and engage your remote workforce or hybrid office

Technology has radically transformed how and where people work

As employees shifted to working from home, the professional service industry was also hit hard … with many firms either shutting down temporarily or forced to run with minimal staff.

Here are a few examples of how technology can inspire your remote workforce

Imagine IT will help you leverage technology to inspire your team to excel from anywhere

Are you ready to move or just kicking the tires?

At the end of the day, we want to help you leverage IT and technology to grow.

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