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What does successful IT support look like for Agriculture?

Lower costs, bigger yields, increased production, better decisions

No matter what you call it, either smart farming, digital farming, or precision agriculture, technology is a big part of your future successes.

But, with Imagine IT, it’s people first, and technology second.

You want an IT Service Provider that understands farming and the ag industry … but more importantly, the people that are involved

Once you have that, you can tap into technology to …

When you embrace technology, we've got your back. We offer uncommonly friendly IT support

IT support, technology strategy, and cybersecurity solutions

Leveraging technology to be more productive and profitable in agriculture

Our agricultural partners are on a mission and are doing some great things. We couldn’t be prouder to support and guide them.

However, technology is now connected to everything they are trying to accomplish, whether on the farm or in a supportive role.

At Imagine IT, our main goal is to help you make better decisions and maximize production

Our next-gen Managed IT Services include:

Our experience in agriculture, and our passion for making a difference, gives us a unique perspective other IT providers may not have

Choosing the right emerging technology for farming and agriculture

How do you choose and why?

Choosing the best-emerging technology is one of agriculture’s biggest challenges. Especially given the complexity of farming and the connectivity issues in rural areas.

What factors should you consider?

At Imagine IT, we'll help you assess your technology decisions and add metrics so you can make better decisions

Harnessing data to improve the farming and agriculture processes

More data … better farms, and better decisions

A smart farm essentially uses a system built to monitor the crops by using a variety of sensors, to measure light, humidity, temperature, and moisture.

The data process looks something like this:

Once you have that data … now what?

More data is great, but if you don’t have a way to decipher it, making better decisions will be next to impossible.

At Imagine IT, we'll assist you with the best data analytics software like Microsoft's Power Bi and other appropriate platforms

Protecting farms and agriculture business from cyber-threats

Agriculture is an easy target

Typically, a farmer or Ag business is located in rural America, and they are wondering what cybersecurity has to do with them. And what, if anything, they can or should do about it.

Agriculture and specifically farmers don’t think they are a target for cybercriminals. 

There is a false sense of security in the farming and Ag industries

At Imagine IT, our Chief Security Office and Founder Peter Durand, a 25-year expert in cyber security, warns that farms and agriculture are a very real target, and often easy prey for cyber-criminals.

Why? Because Ag businesses and farmers have very limited investment in cybersecurity to date.

Farms and AG businesses are now all connected … and vulnerable

For an industry that is betting on farms becoming increasingly more digitally connected and automated, the need for proper cyber security has become even more critical and urgent.

Whether you are an owner of a co-op or an individual farmer who has connected their operations and data to the “cloud,” you are a now a big target,

Imagine IT has created The Security Shield specifically to address these threats

Introducing The Security Shield

A fully layered cybersecurity solution for Agriculture

The Security Shield includes:

Protecting your farm and ag business with The Security Shield

Security Shield

The labor shortage in farming

How technology will help

Like most industries in the United States, American farmers and the ag industry face widespread labor shortages. And even though the causes are complex, there are 4 key factors:

The labor shortage is the greatest limiting factor on farms today

Farm labor shortages have not happened overnight; they have been an ongoing issue for decades.

Technology and automated systems can help

Automated farming systems can help reduce and alleviate the challenge of attracting and retaining skilled workers. In addition, Ag-tech and smart farming can bring new efficiencies to farm systems and improve overall productivity without causing costs to soar in tandem.

Technology can also help alleviate labor shortages by automating mundane tasks and leaving important jobs to skilled workers.

When fewer workers are required, the pressures of hiring labor is reduced

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