Strategy-driven managed IT solutions to separate yourself from the competition, build customer loyalty,  be cyber secure, streamline processes, and attract and retain top talent.

What does successful IT and technology look like for manufacturing?

Leveraging technology to become a smart, lean, agile, and digital-first manufacturer is an ongoing process.

You want a IT partner that understands and guides manufacturers. Once you have that, you can tap into technology to …

We are strategy-driven. We review your systems, people, and processes. We’ll find the emerging technologies with the biggest potential for impact, and help you get the most out of what you already own.

When you embrace technology, we'll start improving it

“What it's like working with the Imagine IT Team ”

“Our firm had really outgrown our previous IT solution, and we were looking for a change. Imagine IT streamlined our operations by moving mission-critical parts of our network into the cloud. Now, everyone on our team can easily access the files they need, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.”
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Chris Kelly
CEO of Asset HR

Next-Gen Managed IT and Cybersecurity for Manufacturing

We have worked with small to mid-sized manufacturers for over 25 years.
We’ve helped and guided manufacturing operations of all types. Including clothing and textiles, electronics, food production, electronics, metal, wood, leather, paper, chemicals, and plastics … just to name a few.

Our services include:

Our experience and focus on manufacturing strategies give us a unique perspective other providers may not offer.

How do you choose and leverage the best emerging technologies for manufacturing?

Choosing the best-emerging technology is one of manufacturings’ biggest challenges. Especially given the ever-changing digital demands and expectations of your customers.
It’s easy to talk about smart, agile, and lean manufacturing. However, those terms mean something different to everyone you talk to, like digital transformation.
As a manufacturer, you understand how critical emerging technologies are …that is a given.
Technology touches every part of your manufacturing company.

But despite all of the promises of IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and connected devices, this new abundance of connected people and devices must be managed, cyber-secured, organized, centralized … and, of course, always accessible.

At Imagine IT, we focus on business strategy first, and technology second

The ever-changing digital-demands of your customers

Digital technologies have transformed customer's expectations

Have you started embracing the technology transformation happening in manufacturing surprisingly, many small to mid sized manufacturers are a bit behind …, and it shows.

And there is good reason to be concerned

Manufacturers are already beginning to suffer financially and even lose customers to the digital-first competition.

Transforming your technology

Connect with a Managed IT provider that specializes in manufacturing

Tools for managing cyber threats

This fourth industrial revolution, heralded as Manufacturing 4.0, offers an era of the tremendous potential for innovation and growth.
However, it also brings new risks and challenges evident in today’s Manufacturing cyber landscape.
There is a false sense of security for small to mid-size manufacturers

Adding emerging and advanced technologies requires equally sophisticated cyber security solutions. Unfortunately, a large percentage of manufacturers have yet to create the cyber capabilities to secure their business-critical systems.

Manufacturers need a fully-layered, enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution.

Introducing The Security Shield

An enterprise-grade fully layered cybersecurity solution for manufacturing
The Security Shield utilizes a collection of cutting-edge cyber-security technologies and processes.
This collection of tools delivers enterprise-level protection for your employees, data, and digital assets.

Keep in mind that no one is bulletproof. Because of that, we embrace cyber resilience, which protects you before, during, and after an incident.

Using technology to help tackle the labor shortage in manufacturing

Attracting and retaining top talent

Unemployment rates have set an all-time high for the past few years. And manufacturing isn’t immune to this. It’s actually one of the most affected industries.

IT and technology can address these challenges by:

When you become a digital-first manufacturer, you become a place that people want to work

Making remote work or a hybrid office successful in manufacturing

The physical nature of manufacturing makes remote work challenging.

As a majority of employees shifted to working from home, the manufacturing industry was hit hard … with many operations simply shutting down or forced to run with minimal staff on the shop floor.
To free your workforce from the office and shop floor, you must first …

Imagine IT can help you implement remote connectivity solutions

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