IT and technology strategies to improve donor experience, assist fundraising, be cyber secure, attract and retain top talent…and help fulfill your mission.

What does successful IT support look like for nonprofits?

As a nonprofit, you need an IT partner who understands your industry’s nuances and, more importantly, believes in your vision.

Once you have that, you can tap into technology to …

There are a lot of critical factors with technology. An IT provider with proven nonprofit experience will help you check all the boxes


Next-Gen IT support, technology strategy, and cybersecurity for nonprofits

Our nonprofit partners are on a mission and doing some incredible work.

And we are proud to work with them for the past 25 years …it is one of our biggest passions.

However, technology is connected to everything you are trying to accomplish as a non profit.  Without technology, you’ll have a difficult time achieving your mission.

Our next-gen Managed IT Services include:

Our experience and focus on nonprofits strategies, and our passion for making a difference, give us a unique perspective other IT providers may not have

Nonprofits and emerging technology

How do you choose the right solution?

Choosing the best-emerging technology is one of a nonprofit organization’s biggest challenges. Especially given the always-changing technology demands and expectations of your donors.

New technology can have a significant impact on your organization

But despite all of the promises of new technology like IoT, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and connected devices, these news systems must be managed, organized, and cyber-secure.

What factors should your nonprofit look at?

At Imagine IT, we'll help you stay mission-focused and make sure your IT and technology does the same

The changing face of fundraising

How technology is changing everything

Our nonprofit partners have been using technology to boost fundraising with our guidance for over 25 years.

But it wasn’t truly until COVID-19 hit that organizations had to solely rely on digital solutions to further their missions.

This reliance on technology is blurring the divide between the digital world and real life

Right now, the most successful nonprofits operate entirely from cloud-based platforms that enable their teams to …

Technology has leveled the fundraising playing field, and it's critical your IT provider understands this

Cyber threats and nonprofits

This fourth industrial revolution, which revolves totally around technology, offers an era of tremendous potential for innovation and growth.

However, this interconnectedness with all things and all people brings new risks and challenges for nonprofits.

There is a false sense of security in the nonprofit sector

Nonprofits shouldn’t expect a reprieve from hackers. And because they don’t believe they are a target, they actually attract cybercriminals. Keep in mind that they might not be going after your organization … instead, they want to hack your donors.

Two in five nonprofits experience a cyber attack

Charities and nonprofits are big businesses nowadays for cybercriminals. And cyber hackers view nonprofits like any small business or organization … and are prime targets for an attack.

Nonprofits need a fully-layered, enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution

Introducing The Security Shield

A fully layered cybersecurity solution for nonprofits

The Security Shield offers a full line of cutting-edge security technologies and processes.

The Security Shield delivers enterprise-level protection for your donors, employees, data, and digital assets.

Remember, your nonprofit is not bulletproof.  So at Imagine IT, we embrace cyber resilience, which protects you before, during, and after an incident.

Because it isn’t “if” you will be attacked. It’s “when.”

Security Shield

Attracting and retaining top talent for nonprofits

Labor shortage solutions for nonprofits

Unemployment rates have set an all-time high for the past few years. And the nonprofit sector is no exemption. It’s actually one of the hardest-hit industries.

Embracing technology and partnering with an experienced Managed IT service who understand the challenges for nonprofits is essential.

IT and technology address these challenges.

When you become a digital-first nonprofit, you set yourself apart

Managing your remote or hybrid workforce

Remote work has many challenges, especially in the nonprofit sector. But a lack of technology isn’t one of the problems. There are numerous applications that enable remote work.

Make sure the technology you choose has a purpose and follows your mission

And then clarify how team members should be using each of your digital solutions.  

Here are just a few of the tools you will need:

Your IT provider should have a proactive remote work platform that keeps your team productive and secure.

Looking for a better IT solution, or just kicking the tires?

We are passionate about helping nonprofits. Let’s talk  about your vision and how Imagine can help.

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