The New Normal: 6 Technology Tactics to Create A Successful Hybrid Office

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How to position your business to thrive in the new hybrid world

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When:           Thursday, December 9, 2021

Time              11:30am – 1:00pm  (lunch at 11:30, seminar starts at 12:00)

Location:     Imagine IT  2051 Killebrew Drive  #510  Bloomington, MN  55425

(Across from the Mall of America)

  • Lunch is included!


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What exactly is the New Normal?

Businesses across America (across the globe) were greatly impacted by Covid-19, and many workers were forced to work remotely. As a result, we are finally seeing workers returning to their offices.

Some businesses have a long-term vision of being 100% in the office, while others have decided to move toward a 100% remote model.

Most companies have landed somewhere in the middle and will work in a hybrid business model with some staff working in the office and some working remotely.


Has your business defined its “new normal?”

Has your business defined your “new normal”?  Have you considered all of the facets that will allow your business to thrive in this new normal?


The 6 key areas we’ll address 

In this 60-minute event, we will walk through 6 of the critical areas of consideration for your business to thrive in this new digital and COVID environment.

  • Learn real action steps to help your company adapt to the “New Normal:
  • How to create a successful hybrid meeting, and what software to choose
  • How to sustain a strong company culture in a hybrid office
  • The 3 biggest cyber security mistakes companies make with their remote workers
  • Remote work concerns:  equipment/environment/mic/camera/desk
  • Hiring concerns (retaining staff) if working from home is not offered

This hybrid model will foster some incredible opportunities but will also introduce risks that you must know about.

Join us on this timely and important topic.


Our Presenter: Marc Miller

Marc Miller is one of the founders of Imagine IT.  Marc has served businesses in the technology space for over 25 years and has served on the Advisory Boards at Intel and Microsoft.  Marc’s company, Imagine IT works with organizations in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area and across the US. Their focus is to ensure that technology is being properly applied to fully utilize the incredible opportunities available today.  And that small to medium-sized organizations protect these technologies with appropriate cyber security philosophies to keep them safe in today’s crazy and dangerous world.


Seminar Attendance Guidelines (Live & Virtual)

For in-person attendees

Imagine IT recognizes the current landscape of live event physical environments. But we also understand the importance of connecting with people, live and in person. So we are offering a hybrid seminar that allows for a limited number of live participants, along with an unlimited number of virtual seats.

To minimize the risks, we have adopted the following practices:

  1. We have a limit of 18 participants, including all guests.
  2. If lunch is served, it will be individually boxed.
  3. We recommend wearing a mask when not eating or drinking
  4. We require people to sign in and confirm contact info.
  5. We request avoiding shaking hands.
  6. All seating will be appropriately spaced to follow safety protocols


For Virtual Attendees

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