Mesh: The Metaverse is Coming to Microsoft 365


The metaverse is coming, and it’s coming to Microsoft 365. Mesh is a platform that allows users to interact in a virtual world that mimics the physical world.

With technologies like VR, AR, AI, social media, and digital currency, the metaverse is taking shape. And it’s going to change the way we live and work in this crazy Covid-world.

One of the core capabilities of Mesh is a sense of presence. By creating a virtual 3D environment, users feel like they are in a physical location, even if they’re not. Users appear in this virtual world using holoportation.

This technique uses 3-D capture technology to beam a lifelike image of a person into a virtual scene. This will change the way we work and collaborate. With Mesh, we’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world as if we were right there with our team.

Mesh also allows for a more immersive experience. Through VR and AR, users will be able to see facial expressions and read the body language of team members as collaboration happens.

And, Mesh will give users more control over the “virtual” physical environment. Users can re-create their office in the virtual world and customize it to meet their needs. And they’ll be able to share these environments with colleagues, clients, and customers.

Microsoft released Mesh in April of 2021, and the response from businesses who are using the platform is amazing. For example, in one company, new users are introduced to the company in a virtual theme park and are escorted from one department’s onboarding to the next via a virtual train.

A global athletic shoe manufacturer is developing a 3D environment where customers can shop for shoes in augmented reality (AR) by walking down an aisle of running shoes or basketball shoes.

The possibilities are endless, and the metaverse will be part of Microsoft 365. Are you ready?

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