The Art of IT Delegation: Strategies for the Spread Too Thin IT Director

IT Delegation

The Art of IT Delegation: Strategies for the Spread Too Thin IT Director  As an IT Director, you wear many hats…which is an understatement. You’re expected to be a security expert, project manager, budget guru, help desk hero, and technology visionary – all while battling endless interruptions. It’s no wonder an IT Director feels spread […]

Managing Technical Debt For Local Governments

5 MIN READ Managing Technical Debt For Local Governments Linkedin-in Facebook-f   A Hidden Roadblock For City & County Administrators   As an administrator responsible for effective operations and service delivery in your city or county, do you have a clear picture of technical debt and how critical it can be? You know how challenging […]

7 Steps To Increase
Your Cloud Cybersecurity

Cloud Cybersecurity

10 MIN READ 7 Steps To Increase Your Cloud Cybersecurity Linkedin-in Facebook-f Understanding Today’s Cloud Cybersecurity Landscape As remote work becomes universal, reliance on the cloud accelerates. Popular applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more enable collaboration, storage, and access from anywhere. However, storing data in the cloud also attracts cybercriminals looking […]

Technical Debt: The Hidden Roadblock to Growth-A CEO’s Guide

CEO and Technical Debt

10 MIN READ As A CEO, Are You Addressing The Silent Threat of “Technical Debt” Linkedin-in Facebook-f A Technical Debt Guide For Leaders As a CEO, you rely on technology more than ever to drive efficiency and innovation. But lurking within your IT infrastructure threatens those goals is technical debt. Technical debt slowly and stealthily […]

The 8 Coolest AI Tools You
Probably Didn’t Know Existed

AI-8 coolest tools

10 MIN READ The 8 Coolest AI Tools You Probably Didn’t Know Existed Linkedin-in Facebook-f AI tools have come a long way since their inception in the 1940s when Alan Turing first introduced concepts of machine learning and intelligence. If he were alive today, Turing would likely be in awe of the advancements made in […]

Is Your Cell Phone Putting Your
Organization at Risk for a Cyber-Breach?

Mobile Device cybersecurity

5 things you can do to keep your mobile devices cyber-secure     Mobile devices have become indispensable in our daily routines, including work environments. It is estimated that almost 80% of employees use cell phones or personal mobile devices for work. Unfortunately, they are a gateway for cyber-attackers, and your mobile device cybersecurity is […]

How To Leverage Technology
To Attract Top Talent

10 MIN READ Facebook-f Linkedin-in Why technology, IT Support & Digital Transformation (Dx) Are Key The digital business landscape is more competitive than ever, not just in winning customers but also in attracting and retaining top talent. As you steer your organization through this evolving scenario, understanding how these three elements are critical to your […]

The 3 Biggest Technology Mistakes CEOs Make

Top 3 CEO technology mistakes

10 MIN READ The 3 Biggest Technology Mistakes CEOs Make …any one of them could cost you everything   Linkedin-in Facebook-f The bridge between business success and technology is undeniable in today’s digital climate. For leaders of small to midsized organizations and local governments, the connection is not just a matter of growth—it’s a matter […]

The True Cost of Unresponsive
and Unreliable IT Support

Reactive-based IT support costing you? Imagine IT

For Small to Mid-sized Organizations and Local Governments     As your organization becomes more digitally driven, IT and technology support becomes critical to your success. And unresponsive and unreliable IT support can have serious consequences. When simple IT requests get lost in support ticket limbo for days on end, when pressing concerns feel brushed […]


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