Major Ransomware Attacks 2021-2022

Major Ransomware Attacks 2021-2022

Learn more about ransomware attacks   Ransomware attacks have been rising and continue to grow more complex each year. Did you know that the first few months of 2021 saw nearly 500 million ransomware attacks? In this blog, we will be looking at some of the major ransomware attacks of 2021-2022 in greater detail. As […]

How to prevent Ransomware Attacks?

How to prevent Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are everywhere, from small businesses to large organizations to local government entities. It’s up to cybersecurity providers like IMAGINE IT to help prevent ransomware attacks from being successful.     With the advent of modern technology, many cybersecurity practices can help protect you from Ransomware – but before discussing that, let’s know a little […]

What is Cryptojacking & how to prevent it?

What is Cryptojacking & how to prevent it

Cryptojacking is as cryptic as it sounds, but let’s try to demystify it and find out “What is Cryptojacking & how to prevent it?” In today’s digital age, filled with smartphones and computers in everyone’s pocket, people do almost all their financial transactions and shopping online. But every good thing comes with a downside, so […]


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