The 7-Step Cyber Security Self Audit For City Administrators and Managers

As a City Administrator or City Manager, you face numerous responsibilities. Among these is ensuring that your office and citizens are equipped with up-to-date technology and the proper cyber security measures to protect you and them.
While acquiring extensive knowledge in cybersecurity might not be feasible for your role. Grasping the fundamentals of cyber security is crucial for managing expectations and effectively collaborating with your IT team or provider to safeguard your city’s digital infrastructure.

To help you gain a clearer perspective on exactly where your office and city stand regarding cyber security. We’ve developed this straightforward 7-step Cyber Security Audit tailored specifically for City Administrators and Managers.

This is a unique cyber security self-audit

Often, IT and cyber security providers develop self-audits or assessments designed to set you up for a 90% chance of failure. Then, they’ll throw in complex cyber security questions that leave you scratching your head.
This one is different. We’ve created a cyber security audit that will actually help you as a City Administrator or Manager.
Yes, its primary objective is to honestly evaluate your office’s and city’s cyber security posture. However, it goes beyond that.
It will give you a score and a good sense of what that means.
But this audit is also designed to offer insights and guidance, helping you comprehend the significance of each aspect. And more importantly, it equips you with the important questions you can ask your IT team or IT Provider.

How to get the most out of this Self Audit

Taking this cyber security self-audit is the first step towards safeguarding your city’s digital infrastructure. However, to ensure you get the full benefits of this assessment, we’ve outlined some practical steps to consider.

Following these guidelines will help you better understand your city’s cybersecurity posture.

Look for additional Insights in most sections.

You can answer the questions and give yourself a quick score, and you will get an idea of where you stand with cyber security.
However, if you want to learn some insights on any of the questions, click on the expanded section icons below your score to get a better understanding.

Self-Audit Instructions

Answer each question with a Yes, maybe, No, or I don’t know)

0 Points (No, or I don’t know)
1 Point (Maybe)
2 Points (yes).

Note: If you feel your IT team or IT provider is handling a certain issue, but you aren’t exactly sure, give it a score of one. And make a note so you can go back to that issue and confirm.
After completing the audit, you’ll receive your total score.

Scoring Results

Scoring: 0-10:

You need to improve your understanding and management of cybersecurity. Review the areas where you scored low and take immediate action to address them.

Scoring 10-20:

Your understanding and cybersecurity management is average, but there is room for improvement. Identify the areas where you can make improvements and prioritize them.

Scoring 20+:

Your understanding and management of cybersecurity are strong. You are doing a lot of things right. But it’s essential to maintain continuous improvement and stay vigilant for new threats.

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